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Acceptance of paper: Multiscale dynamic fracture behavior of the carbon nanotube reinforced concrete under impact loading By Mr.Eftekhari 06-15 366
Acceptance of paper: XFEM buckling analysis of cracked composite plates By Mr.Nasirmanesh in Composite Structures 05-15 394
Acceptance of paper: XFEM Dislocation Dynamics Multiscale Modeling of plasticity and Fracture By Mr. Keyhani 04-15 451
Acceptance of paper: Numerical analysis of rock fracturing by gas pressure using the extended finite element method By Mr.Goudarzi 04-15 342
Successful completion of MSc thesis: Dynamic Delamination Analysis Of Composites by the Extended Finite Element Method By Mr. Arman Afshar 03-15 300
Acceptance of paper: Thermo-mechanically coupled fracture analysis of shape memory alloys using the extended finite element method By Mr.S. Hatefi Ardakani,H. Ahmadian 02-15 260
Acceptance of paper:Thermo-mechanical fracture study of inhomogeneous soilds by the extended isogeometric analysisi method By Mr.Bayesteh and Mr.Afshar 02-15 247
Acceptance of paper:XFEM analysis of fiber bridging in mixed-mode crack propagation in composites By Mr.Daneshyar and Mr.Afshar 02-15 282
Successful completion of MSc thesis: Derivation of singularity order for various fricticnal Contacts by analytical and numerical approach and modelling by XFEM By Mr.Saeed Saeidmonir 01-15 276
Acceptance of paper: Finite strain fracture analysis using the extended finite element method with new set of enrichment functions By Mr.Rashetnia 11-14 327

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