The main approach for investigation of a natural phenomenon is to perform experimental tests, on full or small scale. Nevertheless, due to the high expense of such experiments and sometimes complexity of the setup and data acquisition systems, it is inevitable to use alternative advances simulation techniques. Today, with the rapid development of computational hardwares and general purpose softwares, numerical modeling of complex physical and engineering applications have become one of the most efficient approach for their development, design and analysis. Recently, along with the super rapid developments in hardware and software technology, it is now possible to use several personal computers (PC) with the advanced techniques of parallel processing programming on multiple CPUs and GPUs, for high performance analysis of complicated engineering and physical applications, while avoiding extremely expensive, and sometimes unavailable, super computers. The High performance computing Laboratory (HPC Lab) has been extensively involved in various research oriented activities involving high performance, parallel and multiscale simulations in major multi discipline engineering projects, including Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and physical and chemistry applications.