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Multiscale Analysis of Soft Collagenous Biological Tissues

Saeed Hatefi Ardakani, Peyman Fatemi, Hesam Moslemzadeh, Soheil Mohammadi    
Multiscale Modeling of Brain Failure Due to Impulsive Loading Mohammad Janfada, Saeed Hatefi Ardakani, Soheil Mohammadi    
 Multiscale Modeling of  Nanoindentation on Rough Surfaces  Hesam Moslemzadeh, Omid Alizadeh, Soheil Mohammadi    
 Thermomechanical Fracture Analysis of Shape Memory Polymers A. Foyouzat, S. Mohammadi         
Multiscale Analysis of Heterogeneous Shape Memory Alloy Materials Peyman Fatemi Dehaghani, Saeed Hatefi Ardakani, Hamid Bayesteh  
Finite strain analysis of anisotropic damage in soft biological tissue Farshid Fathi, Saeed Hatefi Ardakani, Peyman Fatemi Dehaghani  
Thermo-Hydro-Chemo-Mechanical Fully Coupled Analysis of Dissociation on Hydrate-Bearing Formations Emad Norouzi  
XFEM buckling analysis of cracked FGM shells Amir Nasirmanesh  
Multiscale analysis of carbon nanotube reinforced concrete members Mehdi Eftekhari  
Analytical Modeling and Seismic Performance Assessment of Shear Walls with Irregular Opening  Zohreh Bariban Fatideh  
Multiscale Simulation of Soft Bio-mechanical Tissues Farshid Fathi  
XFEM analysis of fiber bridging in mixed-mode crack propagation in composites Arman  Afshar,Alireza Daneshyar
 Aortic Heart Valve Simulation; A Multiscale Biomechanical Approach Shahrokh Shahi   
XFEM modeling of crack initiation and propagation using the damage mechanics Saeed Hatefi
Multiscale Modeling of Fracture and Plasticity Amir reza Keyhani
XFEM Fracture Analysis of Plates in Large Deformation Problems Reza Rashetnia
2D Numerical Modeling of Dam Break Using the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) H. Jebeli,
M. Montazeri Namin,
S. Mohammadi
3D Numerical Modeling of Supercritical Flows in Channel Bends R. S. Ghazanfari ,
M. Montazeri Namin
XFEM modeling of shear band propagation A. Daneshyar,
S. Mohammadi
Dynamic Simulation of Shear Rupture in Planar Faults Using XFEM M. Parchei,
S. Mohammadi,
H. Zafarani
XFEM Fracture Analysis of Pressurized Shells H. Bayesteh ,
S. Mohammadi
XFEM Analysis of Gas-Driven Crack Propagation Around a Blast Hole

M. Goodarzi,
S. Mohammadi,
A. Jafari
Anisotropic Dislocation Dynamics by XFEM

S.MalekAfzali ,
S. Mohammadi
Numerical Modeling of Slug Flow in Horizontal Channels

S.Y. Razavi,
M. Montazeri Namin
Anisotropic Disctere Dislocation Plasticity S. Soleymani Shishvan,
S. Mohammadi,
M. Rahimian,
E. Van der Giessen
Periodic Boundary Conditions in Dislocation Dynamics S. Soleymani Shishvan,
S. Mohammadi,
M. Rahimian
Bubble Evolutions of Underwater Explosion by SPH Method M. Afrasiabi,
S. Mohammadi
A New XFEM Solution for Delamination  Analysis of Composites S. Esna Ashari,
S. Mohammadi
Underwater shock Response of Structures H. Shahmohammadi,
S. Mohammadi
CFD Simulation of Gas Distributors Ali Mohammad khah
Wind Effect on Buildings Ali Mohammadkhah,
M. R. Safari
Impact Behavior of High-Performance Fiber-Reinforces Cement Based Composite Y. Farnam,
M. Shekarchizade,
S. Mohammadi
An Investigation of Braces Bended Water Transmission Tunnel M. R. Safari
Explosion Effect on Buried Structures M. R. Safari,
S. Mohammadi
Simulation of Shock Wave Propagation with SPH Method H, Ostad hossein,
S. Mohammadi
Analysis of Underwater Structure due to Explosion H. Shahmohammadi,
S. Mohammadi
Fracture Analysis of Concrete Structure and Rock Mass Due to Explosion A. Pooladi,
S. Mohammadi
Invigoration of Concrete Share Walls With Shape Memory Alleys S. A. Nojoumi,
M. Ghasemiye