Available UT-XFEM softwares:

  2D orthotropic fracture analysis
  bimaterial delamination/debonding
  cracking in functionally graded materials (FGMs)
  3D fracture in orthotropic plates and shells
  steady state and propagating dynamic fracture
  dislocation dynamics
  viscoelastic and creep fracture analysis
  damage mechanics
  dynamic fault rupture
  shear band propagation
  hydraulic fracture
  blast induced fracture
  finite strain (hyperelastic) fracture mechanics
  strik-slip contact XFEM

The HPC-lab and the authors take no responsibility for the quality and correctness of the codes or for the obtained results. It is the sole responsibility of the users to verify the results.


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S. Mohammadi
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2- Extended Finite Element Method
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