World Wide Research Opportunities

 PhD Positions

Contact Person
PhD Opportunity in Petroleum Engineering
Dr. Saraji  University of Wyoming May 2016
postdoc position on Experimental pore-scale multiphase 
ow and reactive transport in porous and fractured media
Dr. Porter Los Alamos National Lab May 2016
 A Ph.D. position in Porous Media Modeling Inger Thorsen Uni Research CIPR, Norway May 2016
A a postdoc position on geohydrology and/or geomechanics to advertise Dr. Yoon Sandia National Laboratories May 2016
A number of fully and partially funded PhD scholarships in Petroleum Engineering Dr. Geiger  Heriot-Watt University, UK Jan 2016
 A PhD Position in Reservoir Simulation Dr. Moortgat Ohio State Universitywould Nov, 2015
 A postdoc position for a groundwater flow and transport modeler Dr. Harter University of California, Davis Nov, 2015


Faculty Positions


Contact Person
 A Junior Professorship in the "Subsurface Modeling and Engineering" field Ms. Schützner Ruhr University Bochum, Germany Sep 2016
 A assistant professor position in the field of geomaterials and natural resources and their sustainable management Dr. Walraevens Ghent University, Belgium May 2016
associate professor position in EM geophysics  Dr. Auken   Aarhus University, Denmark Jan 2016
 Three faculty positions: “Structural mechanics and engineering”, “Recycling and reuse in the construction sector”, “Innovative composite constructions Dr. Degrande University of Leuven, Belgium June 2015
  A Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Geological Engineering. Dr. Eberhardt University of British Columbia, Canada June 2015
 A position of  Petroleum / Reservoir Engineering Chair  Dr. Niasar University of Manchester, UK June 2015