Supervised PhD thesis

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Supervised PhD thesis


 Enriched multiscale method
   O. Alizadeh 
   University of Tehran, 2019 (In Persian)



 Modelling of transpression zones using finite element method 
   S.T. Nabavi (supervised by S.A. Alavi, S. Mohammadi, M.R. Ghassemi)
   Shahid Beheshti University, 2019 (In Persian)



 2D simulation of breakage of particles by combined DEM and XFEM 
    J. Raisianzadeh (supervised by A.A. Mirghasemi, S. Mohammadi)
    University of Tehran, 2018 (In Persian)



 Multiscale damage analysis of heterogeneous media
    H. Bayesteh 
    University of Tehran, 2018 (In Persian)




 Physical and numerical investigation of buried pipe response subjected to permanent
    ground deformations-faulting
    R. Yeganeh (supervised by M. Moradi, A. Ghalandarzadeh, S. Mohammadi)
    University of Tehran, 2017




  Application of multiscale method for analysis of cyclic behavior of concrete structures reinforced by
    defected carbon  nanotubes
    M. Eftekhari (supervised by S. Mohammadi, A.R. Khoei) 
    Islamic Azad University, 2015 (In Persian)



 Developing an extended finite element methodology for general frictional contact problems
    S.H. Ebrahimi (supervised by S. Mohammadi, I.M. Kani) 
    University of Tehran, 2014 (In Persian)


 Theoretical and numerical analysis of shock waves in porous media
     A. Nemati hayati (Supervised by M. Ahmadi)
     Sharif University of Technology, 2013 (In Persian)


Fracture analysis of FGM composites by enriched element free Galerkin method (EFG)
    H. Khazal (Supervised by A.A. Nassar)
    Basreh University, Iraq, 2013


 Simulation of free surface fluid flow within a saturated porous medium by the smoothed
    particle hydrodynamics
    (SPH) method
    H. Akbari (Supervised by, M. Montazeri)
    University of Tehran, 2013 (In Persian)


Dislocation dynamics analysis of plastic behaviour of materials with emphasis on the role of
     dislocation sources
    S. Soleimani Shishvan (Supervised by: S. Mohammadi, M. Rahimian) 
    University of Tehran, 2010 (In Persian)

  Numerical simulation of fracture in rock fill aggregates by combined DEM and FEM
     A. Bagherzadeh (Supervised by: A.A. Mirghasemi)
    University of Tehran, 2008 (In Persian)
    (2 published international journal papers)

 Application of hybrid state space for material and geometric nonlinear analysis of steel frames
     K. Gildashti (Supervised by A.A. Mirghaderi)
     University of Tehran, 2008 (In Persian)


  A new residual based approach for meshless methods

     A. Sadeghirad (Supervised by: I.M. Kani)
     University of Tehran, 2008 (In Persian)

  Gas-solid interaction by the meshless smoothed particle hydrodynamics
     H. Ostadhossein 
     University of Tehran, 2007 (In Persian)


A new analytical model for wave run-up on inclined surfaces
    F. Rad (Supervised by: S. Mohammadi, M. Dolatshahi) 
    University of Tehran, 2006 (In Persian).